Jake Morley: The Manual

By on 18-10-2016

(versão portuguesa aqui)

Another love songs album? Yes, but it’s a Jake Morley album.

jake-morleyWe all are tired of I love you, or I miss you and I need you in love songs. Jake Morley is more realistic and prefers to talk about abandoned socks and make up in his room. The Manual, second album by the London musician and composer, borns during a not so positive season for Jake. It’s also a group of songs about self-discovery. A love songs album, without the common places of love songs. An album with songs, not ballads or moans about life.

Full with unforgettable melodies, specially the timeless The Floods. You get stuck on the song and for the rest of the album. But it’s the lyrics where Jake stands out more. I’m an explorer of your face, so the song begins, it’s a very beautiful image about how someone cares for another person, and that is how you say I love you, without using the word love.

Another love songs album? Yes, but it’s a Jake Morley album. That makes all the difference.

Jake Morley at the 293rd show Cowboy Cantor.

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