Artist of the month of October: Minden

By on 02-10-2016

minden-banda-2Maybe this wasn’t the best summer I ever had, but this one is marked by August 19th. The day I first listened to Sweet, Simple Things (Hit City USA, 2016), the first long play by the Portland band Minden. They have been a regular presence on Cowboy Cantor playlists.

Few minutes have passed from 9:00 a.m. when I sat on the grass to listen to these songs. By the end of the day I was still smilling, and didn’t know why, until I remembered that it only could have been because I was listening to the album that is featured as album of the month at Cowboy Cantor. Of course I declared that August 19th was the best day of my 2016 summer.

While listening to Sweet, Simple Things I smiled, I laughed, I went emotional, introspective and hysterically happy.

How can someone laugh while listening to erotic and bondage tales? The answer, very simple, it’s in the first words of The Middle: it’s a long way down from the top to the middle. You better hang on somehow, you better rise up a little.minden

Sweet, Simple Things maybe not be that sweet, it’s a poison. It may not be that simple, it’s in fact a complexity of emotions. And it’s not a thing. It’s The Thing.

Minden: BandcampFacebook, Hit City USAInstagramiTunesTwitterSoundcloudSpotify

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